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Independent Education Grants

MEDA Pharmaceuticals Inc. supports bona fide educational programs through the provision of education grants to medical or educational institutions, accredited CME providers, accreditors, or health-related societies, user groups or private associations.

We are committed to managing our grant activity in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and guidelines, including OIG Guidance, the PhRMA Code, FDA Guidance, and the ACCME Guidelines and Standards. As such, MEDA adheres to the following policies and procedures related to its grant activity.

How to Apply

  • Be sure to carefully read the below detailed information about MEDA’s grant process and guidelines before submitting a grant request.
  • You may submit an online application at

MEDA Employees

  • MEDA Sales personnel are prohibited from initiating any discussion of grants, or responding to inquiries regarding grants other than providing a Grant Request Card, which directs the requestor on how to submit a grant request.
  • MEDA Sales personnel are not permitted to assist in any aspect of the grant request or application process. All questions relating to grants should be directed to MEDA’s Grants Office at 732-564-2565 or [email protected].
  • Involvement of personnel other than Grants Office employees in the application or evaluation process can result in rejection of the grant application.


  • Under no circumstances may a grant be used, offered, or intended as a financial inducement or reward for purchasing, prescribing, recommending, referring, or formulary placement of a MEDA product or service.
  • In order to avoid any conflict of interest, MEDA does not provide grants to any of its customers, or directly to any doctor or group of doctors in private practice.
  • Grants must support a valid medical or educational institution, accredited CME provider, accreditor, or health-related society, user group or private association.
  • Grants must pertain to topics, events, and societies, or meet certain objectives, that are relevant to MEDA’s therapeutic classes. Such therapeutic areas include Allergy/Immunology, Acute Pain Management and Cancer Pain Management.

Grant Review Process

  • The MEDA Grants Office will send you a confirmation upon receipt of your grant request.
  • We have a formalized, objective grant review and decision-making process whereby a cross-functional Grants Committee will assess all components of a grant request to ensure certain requirements are met.
  • You will receive written notification of the Grant Committee’s decision upon completion of this review. However, MEDA is under no obligation to provide an explanation for its decision.
  • By accepting grant requests, MEDA does not imply or guarantee that a grant request will be approved.
  • MEDA will only consider grant requests if they are made at least 12 weeks prior to the event for which the grant is being requested.
  • To avoid delays in the evaluation process, complete, accurate and detailed information is required. Applications with insufficient information will either be denied or will require resubmission.

Denial of Grant Requests
Grant requests may be denied for any of the following reasons:

  • There is evidence suggesting that the grant is tied, in some way, to past, present, or future prescribing, purchasing, or recommending of any MEDA product.
  • There are financial ties between the grant requestor and a paid MEDA advisor or customer.
  • A member of the MEDA sales force was involved in some aspect of the grant request or application process.
  • The grant would be used to defray the requestor’s ordinary operating expenses or overhead.
  • The grant is sought for the purchase of journal subscriptions, or similar items, as these items may be considered gifts or as part of operating expenses.
  • The grant is sought specifically for the MEDA sponsorship of meals or to fund promotional items.
  • The grant would pay for travel, housing expenses or time spent for doctors attending third party educational events.
  • The grant would be used to directly fund payments for exhibit space, consulting or other services or goods provided to the company, company promotional activities or events, or any program where any of the speakers are company employees.
  • The grant would be used to cover the costs of entertainment or recreational events.

Grant Approval & Reconciliation

  • A MEDA Letter of Agreement (LOA) must be signed for every approved and executed grant prior to disbursement of grant monies.
  • MEDA performs a budget reconciliation at the conclusion of the grant activity to ensure that monies were properly distributed and utilized as requested for bona fide activities.
  • At the conclusion of the event, the recipient of the grant is required to provide the official agenda, which MEDA will reconcile with the learning objectives or intent to ensure they are consistent.
  • If the agenda and learning objectives are not consistent, the agenda contains elements that violate MEDA policy, or the budget and agenda were not received, MEDA reserves the right to request the return of funds or deny future grant requests from the organization.

For More Information
Contact MEDA’s Grants Office at:

[email protected]
Phone & Fax: 732-564-2565
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