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MedPointe Philosophy

MedPointe strives to be a progressive company that adopts best practices in all that it does, from the development of new formulations and products to the harnessing of new manufacturing and information technologies to the hiring and professional development of its colleagues. In all of these endeavors, we maintain the highest ethical principles throughout all functions and levels of our organization.The spirit of our company can best be described as a passion for performance and people. Our passion for performance means we will:

  • Strive for success in everything we do
  • Seek to meet and exceed challenging, measurable benchmarks
  • Monitor our performance and seek opportunities for improvement
  • Prize openness, transparency, speed, agility and creativity in our work
  • Value innovation
  • Be willing to take risks
  • Guard against acting with a “bureaucratic” mindset

In our passion for people, we are dedicated to identifying, recruiting and developing a world-class team of colleagues, which means:

  • Investing the time and resources in our people to help them succeed
  • Offering opportunities for advancement
  • Treating our colleagues fairly, openly and with transparency and respect
  • Managing conflict constructively and creatively

MedPointe is a progressive company looking for outstanding individuals. If you are interested in joining the MedPointe team, we look forward to hearing from you. We invite you to visit our Job Opportunities page for a list of current openings.

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About Us

MEDA PHARMACEUTICALS INC. is the U.S. subsidiary of Meda AB. Meda is an international specialty pharma company that is fully represented in Europe and the US through its own sales organizations in more than 50 countries.

Meda’s products are sold in about 120 countries, and where it lacks a sales organization, it markets and sells its products via agents and other pharmaceutical companies.

Headquarters of the Group’s parent company—Meda AB—is in Solna, outside of Stockholm, Sweden. Meda’s shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm.

Find out more about Meda AB by visiting